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The whats On Central Coast Gold Star Award image

Whats On Logo button image The creative often is stifled by the sustain. Having an honest professional on your side is always a blessing.

The duties of an agent or manager are many; it is no easy task really.

Dierdre Le Blang (also known as Dee), Primal Entertainment, has been in business since 2001.

I was initially largely impressed by her professionalism and her research in finding Whats On to assist some of her performers with marketing and promotion. This was a task she does as part of the job.

Getting to know Dee and knowing how she operates, I was to discover this was just a small part of her assistance. She is honest and a woman of high integrity, in some cases this has been to her own detriment, but she refused to fold and join the ranks of the misguided.

Agents or managers have legal responsibilities and guidelines set by actual legislation. They are a person to place your reputation, income, trust and future in and this can be to your extreme detriment if they are not qualified to do so.

If you are seeking a professional representative or venue agent I would highly recommend Primal Entertainment.

Dee is licensed and well versed in legislature and all things music and venue related. She has brilliant promotional ideas and The Primal Entertainment Website shows all - it has nothing to hide, as is displayed by the Agency Agreements Page link listed on the site.

Primal are licensed, the paperwork is written so both the performer and the venue can see exactly who is being paid what and the commission and payment on time issues that have sadly erupted on the Coast of late with both venues and artists, are no where to be found with Dee and Primal.

As I have said many times, be aware to whom you give your livelihood and your venues reputation and success.

Ph: (02) 9456 7440