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JULIUS TOOLE: Vocals-Rhythm Guitar
ANDY: Drums, Lead Frog
TOM: Guitar, Synth, Backing Vocals
ANDREW QUIZON: Bass, Backing Vocals
With Guest, Ashleigh Toole



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VetnA  imageWhats On Logo button image VetnA:
Julius, Andrew, Tom and Andy are VETNA, a young band of nineteen year olds from the Central Coast of NSW. They possess the power and intensity of a hard rock group combined with the pop sensibility of a band who write songs that are short, powerful, and instantly attention grabbing.

VETNA are a dynamic four-piece, with each band member equally sharing the palate of complex and layered textures that make up their debut, self titled album. The album was pieced together over a two-year period, and involved intense rearranging, and recording of over twenty songs from the band’s diverse catalogue. At the production helm was Braddon Williams, a local Sydney based producer who has worked on many chart topping albums by artists as varied as Snoop Dogg, Billy Joel, Augie March and The Cassette Kids.

The album ‘VETNA’ is due for release in 2009, and will further develop the band’s ever growing fan base, one which sees them becoming one of the fastest growing Australian bands on myspace. Until then, it is gig after gig as the boys travel the country playing their energetic live show to audiences across Australia.

Whats On logo button THE REVIEW - VetnA Whats On logo button
Whats On Logo button imageVetnA: Umina PCYC Open Day February 18 2006:
If ever there were a justifiable certainty in the music industry these guys would have to be one of the major ones.

Already showing the attributes of exceptionally talented songwriting and performance skills of the older more established bands, VetnA is bound to be a reckoning force in the local and national music industry.

I first caught VetnA at the Macron Music Sale weekend and could hear the comments from the most interested onlookers as to the potential this young band presented.

Today VetnA did a huge set much to the joy of the crowd. Stand out picks would have been VetnA's original works of 'My Hero', 'This Feeling' (with a well practiced perfectly tight finish) and 'Break Me', although they were all so well written, composed and performed

Ashleigh Toole on stage with VetnA at the PCYC Open Day at Umina. - Whats On imageA wonderful surprise from a band of such young ages was a brilliant cover version of Jimmy Hendrixs' 'Purple Haze'. It was truly awesome.

Each band member is unique and extremely talented but together these guys go off. A special mention must go to the incredible voice of young Julius Toole.

Another surprise was a cameo appearance from Julius' sister Ashleigh Toole.

Julius jumped onto the kit and swapped with Lachlan
for a version of The Veronica's 'Forever'.

Ashleigh has a wonderful voice. She is extremely confident and will be quite at home on any stage where she can strut her stuff.

Ashleigh Toole is a young lady who will surely find her way in the music industry and one who we are sure to hear of more and more in the future.

Whats On logo button REVIEW - VetnA - CD Whats On logo button
Julius Toole from VetnA live and unplugged at Bay Village - whats on central coast.Whats On Logo button image VetnA: CD REVIEW:
Although the VetnA CD I was given was not an A grade studio mix the talent is still obvious for this young band. The four tracks included had no details listed. It was a spontaneous and unprepared meeting. There is no ill reflection on the band here. I tend to surprise many performers - best to catch them in their comfort zone methinks.

The surprising thing with this band is hearing and seeing them at the same time. Confused? Suffice to say the voice of young Julius is not what you expect from that youthful face.

The ability of the band as a whole is quite amazing really, little wonder their name grows on a daily basis and the fan base along with it.

VetnA's influences are apparent in their original music performances. They have a style of their own of course but you can pick up influential licks, riffs and melodies on the odd occasion.

The youth music culture may not be your scene but this band is not a bunch of what oft appears with some, a bunch of screamers. They are a controlled and well presented band with an older feel to such youthful ages. Get in on the ground floor with VetnA, they will flourish to a reckoning force in the future if the unit can stand the tests of time and a sometimes brutal music industry. I wish them all luck and hope they reach the heights they deserve.

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